Software for School Satisfaction Survey

How does a college, university, or school know how they’re doing unless they get feedback?  I wonder if they utilize a customer satisfaction survey to keep a check on how they’re doing in this area.  It’s important to keep parents and students satisfied with the students’ education and to see if they believe they are getting a quality education for their money.

This online software survey could be used in each department to see where improvements need to made.  The survey could also include buying textbooks and supplies, handicap access to all facilities, meal choices, sufficient number of restrooms, etc.   The use of a satisfaction survey can cover every facet of the learning experience.

There are solutions for academic areas that can transform a school campus.  Here are some examples of how online software can be a great help to a school performing efficiently:

  • Benchmarks for courses
  • Benchmarks for departments
  • Benchmarks for teachers
  • Course evaluations for classes
  • Course evaluations for curriculum
  • Course evaluations for teachers
  • Course improvement tracking from semester to semester
  • Feedback from faculty and staff
  • Feedback from parents
  • Feedback from students (know what they’re really thinking)
  • Feedback from the surrounding community
  • Forms for application (and also filter applicants by predetermined criteria)
  • Forms for registration
  • PowerPoint presentations made quickly with custom reports
  • Research experiments  (research that took hours to program can be designed, tested and distributed very quickly)
  • Research for a class project (encourages collaboration)
  • Research for a Dissertation
  • Research for a Thesis
  • Students receive instant feedback on grades and scores
  • Students upload and submit papers or assignments
  • Test hypotheses
  • Tests & quizzes administered online (surveys can easily be administered as tests or quizzes)
  • Training, support, online helps and tutorials available
  • Upload resumes or writing samples

Getting the most out of online surveys is the goal of having a research tool such as this.  It can foster communication, sharing of opinions, and collaboration.   This can transform any campus.