FREE Site: Starfall – A Fun Way to Help Teach Reading

Many of you already know about Starfall.  For those who don’t, it’s an excellent free site to encourage children to learn to read while having fun.  This site is great for children learning their alphabet letters, learning the sounds of letters, and learning how to read words or short stories.

Free Online U.S. Geography Games

Sheppard is a wonderful site with FREE online geography games to teach students of all ages the following:

  • Names of the 50 United States
  • Location of each state on the map
  • Capital of each state
  • Geographic regions of the U.S.
  • Lakes of the U.S.
  • Rivers of the U.S.
  • Bays, seas, & other ocean features surrounding the U.S.

A  helpful tip: Their site mentions at the top what to do if a game is not working.  The game did not work for me, and so I used their tip to use the Mac version even though I have a PC.   It worked!

Computer Games for Teaching Creative Writing

A computer game by Spinmaker called Alphabet Zoo is great for teaching creative writing at an early age.  Years ago, my husband bought this game for our daughter when she was four years old.   She soon learned how to write her own stories and illustrate them with the picture maker.  She started reading when she was three years old so she already knew most of the alphabet sounds.  When trying to spell words for her stories, she would either try to sound out the words and spell them phonetically or she would ask a parent or grandparent, whoever was close by.  This was one of her favorite computer games and I guess it instilled a love of writing in her. When she was in high school she went to state UIL competition and placed well in journalism and headline writing.    Learning to write creatively was definitely something that was fun for her!