Now Featuring: Homemade “Book of Colors”

Jami, the writer at Ain’t She Crazy, made a great homemade book about colors for their young son.  She used puff paint to write the names of the colors which is a great tactile sensation for little hands.  There are no pictures of objects with a particular color, just simply the colors hidden under flaps. It is well-made and invites children to discover each hidden color and then trace the name of the color with their fingers. Good job, Jami!

Welcome to How to Teach Kids!

Welcome!   I plan to share experiences, tips and techniques that I have gathered in my 19 years of teaching in the public school system and in 30+ years of teaching children’s Bible classes.  I have also done private tutoring throughout the years and have tutored approximately 50 students.

By sharing my experiences, I hope you can find something helpful to use in your teaching experience.