Wordle Website

Wordle is a fun website to create what’s called “word clouds.”  It’s free, and a great tool for students to use which can reinforce vocabulary words, be used to make graphics for projects, etc.  You can check the Wordle Gallery on their website for more examples.

The principal at my school presented it at one of our teacher’s meetings.  She had it set up where each teacher voted for their favorite one-word topic from a given list made by the principal on Wordle.  All the votes went into the making of the “Wordle.”  The words which received more votes automatically were in a larger font.  If a word only received one vote then it was displayed in the smallest font.  It was a good visual to display which words received more votes and which ones received less votes.  You can use your imagination and use Wordle all sorts of ways to make learning fun!

National Punctuation Day, September 24

Credit: Free pictures from acobox.com

National Punctuation Day was founded by Jeff Rubin back in 2004.  It brings awareness to this important but sometimes overlooked skill.  Knowing how to use correct punctuation is a skill that students need and will use their entire life, but sometimes teaching about it can be a little boring to students.  Here are some ideas to help make teaching about punctuation fun:

A Listing of the Most Used Punctuation Marks:

Fun Activities:

  1. The Punctuation Relay
  2. Wynken, Blyken, and Nod Poetry Punctuation Game
  3. Pin the Punctuation Mark on the Sentence

More Information: