Khan Academy – Free Online Educational Videos

Here is a great resource for teachers and students!  Khan Academy, a global classroom for anyone in the world who has access to a computer, has a library of over 3,200 videos online that are free.   This provides quality instruction to areas all over the world, no matter where they are located. They also offer Teacher Resources as well.  Here is an example of some of the topics they cover:

ALGEBRA (many lessons in each of these subtopics):

  • Algebra Intro
  • Linear Equations
  • Inequalities
  • Rations & Proportions
  • Absolute Value
  • Exponents and Radicals
  • Logarithms
  • Polynomials
  • Quadratics
  • Functions
  • Conic Sections
  • Complex Numbers
  • Matrices

It’s easy to see by this listing that there are many lessons from which to choose.  Here is a partial list of more topics without subtopics listed:

  • American Civics
  • Arithmetic & Pre-Algebra
  • Art History (for many different eras)
  • Astrology
  • Banking & Money
  • Biology
  • Brain Teasers
  • Cryptography
  • Calculus
  • Chemistry
  • Differential Equations
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Geometry
  • Healthcare & Medicine
  • History
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Trigonometry
  • Computer Science

Khan Academy is a global classroom of students who learn at their own rate and choose what they want to study.  Here are reviews and stories of the academy so you can read first hand from teachers and students all over the world.

App for Teacher/Parent Communication

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of StartSomeGood for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a teacher, wouldn’t it be great to communicate often with parents of your students and also track and manage communication with parents?  I teach a small special ed class and am able to do that, but I can imagine what a difficult time teachers of large classes and multiple classes have keeping track of who they called and who needs to be called.

Parent engagement is very important in the success of students and helps motivate students which raises their grades.  Because of this, communication with parents is a high priority for teachers. However, with teachers’ heavy work loads it’s hard to accomplish sometimes.  Having a Dash app available on iPhones would allow teachers to be organized (very important for teachers), and teachers could create a daily speed dial to keep up with families.  This would make positive calls home to parents possible with only the click of a button and would allow for more frequent calls to parents. 

Dash is working on an app, currently for the iPhone and later for Android, that will allow teachers to actually track and manage communication with parents easily. The app has already raised $3,000 on StartSomeGood and hopes to raise an additional $7,000 to make the product even better.  Go to Launch Dash to learn more.  This could ultimately revolutionize the future of parent-teacher communications.

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Student Computer Desks from CSN



If you are looking for a computer desk for your home classroom, CSN offers a good selection of student computer desks at very good prices.  Many have free shipping.  For example, the desk pictured lists for $99.99, but CSN’s price is $70.99 plus free shipping.  (Recently, we ordered a contemporary computer desk from them and are very pleased with it and were surprised at how fast we received the desk.)

Nursing Scrubs – Great to Wear When Working With Young Children

Many people who work with young children like to wear Nursing Scrubs on the job at school.  Although I have worked many years as a full-time teacher, I have been doing substitute teaching this past year and have seen many of the Para-Educators in elementary schools wear scrubs nearly every day of the week.  The great thing is that someone can dress for comfort and still be stylish at the same time.  If looking for style and affordability, Nursing Uniforms has the largest selection of nursing uniforms online and offer the quality, style, and durability that people want with brands such as Medcouture, Katherine Heigl, Stat Wear, Peaches Uniforms, and Izzy Scrubs.  They offer many stylish Scrub Tops as pictured, and they have comfortable Scrub Pants as well.  The owners come from medical professional families, and they know what type of durability people want along with style and affordability.  With their quality products, they offer free shipping on orders over $100.

Nursing Uniforms states that they will answer inquiries within 24 hours plus they have a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee, so they offer great customer service along with being able to shop 24-7 online.  With the style, quality and guarantee they offer, no wonder they are called an online superstore.

Book for Parents & Teachers: The Five Love Languages of Children

Children need to feel loved and cared for in order to thrive.  But as you know, children are different in a lot of ways such as the way they learn, how they react to different situations, and also in the way they feel loved.  What makes one child feel loved might not be what makes another child feel loved and valued.  This book gives a lot of usable suggestions for learning how children interpret love and security.

If you are interested in winning a free copy of The Five Love Languages of Children, leave a brief comment at Healthy Home Blog to enter your name in the drawing.  Deadline for entering is February 10, 2010.  CONTEST CLOSED