WordWorld eBooks for iPad

WordWorld eBooks are available for download not only for the iPhone and iPod Touch but also for the iPad.  Our daughter and son-in-law have an iPad, and it is an excellent learning tool for their children.  Our two little grandsons love using the iPad!

The iPad is also an excellent learning tool for children with autism.

New WordWorld eBook Library

The new eBook library from WordWorld has five great, fun, and educational stories for children.  Linda Labbo, Professor of Language and Literacy Education at the University of Georgia, has great things to say about these books.  She says, “Words come to life on screens in unique ways that invite children to interact with stories, characters, and language. The interactivity scaffolds children’s attention and provides age appropriate prompts that ensure an entertaining and educational experience.”   Scaffolding is very important in the learning process, and WordWorld utilizes that specialized teaching strategy.

In my opinion as an educator, I think Word World is one of the very best children’s educational programming available. The literacy lessons presented in the WordWorld television series are extended in the eBooks.  Kids can either read these eBooks on their own, have someone read to them, or have the stories read to them by the eBook narrator.  A Guide providing strategies is also available to maximize learning.

These are the five eBooks:

  • A Smile for Crocodile
  • Duck’s First Sleepover
  • Snug as a Bug
  • The Big Race
  • Totally Terrific Duck

New Word World Episodes Beginning October 4th

This Monday, Word World will have more literacy lessons and advanced vocabulary words as they explore compound words, phonology, letter recognition, print awareness, comprehension and socio-emotional skills.  Here is a preview show clip on compound words.

Word World wishes you “a happy Fall full of WordBuilding!”