You can contact me below or email me at  Charla[at]HealthyHomeBlog[dot]com if you have any comments, would like to share something with me, or would like to see some topic covered on this site.   I like to learn from other people’s experiences.   I would love to hear from you!

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  1. “Hello,

    My name is Zack Robbins, I’m the founder of Beardoholic (, one of the leading websites when it comes to beards in general.

    I’m just sending you a quick email to let you know that while browsing your site, I noticed you linked to Abraham Lincoln, one of my favorite bearded presidents (

    I believe our piece on his beard is a great addition to your page as it’s very comprehensive, greatly researched and the most in-depth article about that topic.

    If you were willing to add our link to that page, I would be more than happy to share it with our hundreds of thousands of followers to help you gain some visibility in exchange.

    Here is the link for your review:

    Let me know what you think and thank you for your consideration! I’m sorry if this bothers you, I’m just a huge fan.

    Best regards,
    Zack Robbins (founder of @beardoholic)”

  2. I would like to order the CD
    Learning Basic Skills Through Music. Volume 514. ABC. 1234.
    Example: Colors, Put Your Hands Up In The Air and The Elephant etc.
    Thank you,
    Mrs. Katherine Butler

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