Museums Tell Powerful Stories

Long-term learning for students is one goal of teachers, right?   Well, according to the Abraham Lincoln Museum site, museum studies show the following:

  • The museum experience brings students out of the textbook in an exciting way.
  • The people in history come alive!
  • Exposing students to things they can see, hear, and touch greatly increases their long-term learning after being presented with new material in the classroom .  Experiencing exhibits and artifacts reinforces what was learned.
  • The social experience that occurs on a field trip greatly increases the learning that happens in the museum.
  • The exhibits appeal to the many different learning styles of students, and they also appeal to all ages. (I can testify to that!)
  • The powerful stories told by the exhibits and artifacts help the students to remember their experience for a long time.

Educational Trip to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Springfield, Illinois, is the home of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, a great educational travel destination. Our whole family, grandma included, took this educational trip together, and we all loved it.  This state-of-the-art museum is truly fascinating, makes history come alive, and reveals Lincoln’s life in an unforgettable way.   Be sure to allow plenty of time to tour the entire museum!  Check out their Learning Resources on their website.

There are other things to do in Springfield, too, such as touring the famous Frank Lloyd Wright Dana-Thomas House which is amazing.  Also, the old “Route 66” goes through Springfield and there are all sorts of relic eating places and memorabilia.