How to Teach About Abraham Lincoln

One goal of teaching about Abraham Lincoln should be to “make him come alive,”  to help students realize that he was a real person just like they are.  Here are some tips on teaching a unit about Lincoln that hopefully will add to the materials you have:


  • On the Abraham Lincoln Museum site, there is one reproducible page for an Abraham Lincoln Discussion Web that would be great to use in the classroom regardless of visiting the museum.  Click on this site for Lincoln and scroll down to page 23.  This is a great page for a Discussion Web on Lincoln’s life.   I have used Discussion Webs many times, and they are great for students of all ages.
  • Need a unit on Lincoln?  An experienced teacher has a free unit on Abraham Lincoln on her website with printable worksheets and also a biography.  These materials are free for teachers and homeschooling parents.
  • Having an Interest Center in the classroom on Abraham Lincoln would help motivate students to learn about him.   The center could contain pictures of the era in which Lincoln lived.  Old looking objects could be placed in the center as well as student-level books on Lincoln.  Use your imagination and be creative!

Depending on the level of the students, here are some of Lincoln’s accomplishments to discuss with them:

  1. His decision to fight kept the country from coming apart.
  2. He had great foreign policy which kept other countries from getting involved in the Civil War.
  3. He issued the Emancipation Proclamation which freed the slaves.
  4. He strongly supported the Thirteenth Admendment which ended slavery.
  5. He is known for his honesty,  leadership, and character.
  6. He gave the House Divided Speech.
  7. He gave the Gettysburg Address.
  8. He is quoted even today due to having many famous quotes known world wide.


  • Make a log cabin out of Lincoln Logs
  • Make a log cabin by gluing Popsicle sticks together


Some of your Lincoln books would probably come from the library.  Click here to see a list of good kids’ books on Lincoln available on this site. 


  • Abraham Lincoln: Great Americans for Children Series – DVD by Schlessinger Media
  • Presidents Day DVD ( Holidays for Children DVD Series)  by Library Video Company