How to Teach Phonics Using Modern Curriculum Press Phonics Workbooks

Modern Curriculum Press Phonics Workbooks have been one of the best, inexpensive ways that I have taught phonics through the years.  As you can probably guess, I am a strong believer in phonics.

Being the #1 choice for teaching phonics for over 40 years, these workbooks are easy to use.  Over 50 million children have learned to read with the help of these phonics workbooks.

When I was teaching first grade in an ESL (English as a Second Language) school, new reading curriculum was adopted one year that utilized the “Whole Language” approach to teaching reading.  The other first grade teachers and I quickly realized that this approach was not working for our ESL students or for students with learning disabilities.  Children who learned to read effortlessly would learn no matter what approach was used, but most of our students needed the structure and stability of a good phonics program.   We told our principal and the PTA president  our beliefs, and the PTA purchased a Modern Curriculum Press Phonics Workbook for each child in first grade.  They did this  faithfully every year, and we were able to teach our students how to read by supplementing the Whole Language approach with phonics.